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10 de janeiro, 2020
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World Wildlife Day – Sustaining Life on Earth


World Wildlife Day (March 3rd) presents an important opportunity for us to raise environmental awareness and to consider our responsibilities in protecting the surrounding ecosystems, and the diverse plant and animal species that inhabit them.

The theme for this year’s World Wildlife Day is “sustaining all life on Earth”. It has only been a few months since the start of the year but we have already witnessed a number of incidents and trends that are contributing to the detriment of wildlife species.

We gathered responses from seven experts and leaders within the conservation comumunity to get their take and suggestions on this year’s theme. Here were some key takeaways that the contributors had in common:

Collective Impact: the smallest of changes to our everyday lifestyle can have a positive impact, especially if we view this from a collective perspective. Also think about the encouragement that your own sustainability efforts would provide to your community.

Balance: viewing the ecosystem as a holistic entity. Understanding the importance that each species, especially the keystone species, play in maintaining the ecological balance and diversity. The loss of one species can cause huge disruptions, both directly and indirectly.

Education: the need for effective education, especially on the everyday things that individuals can do in order to promote a healthier ecosystem.

The Contributors

Andy Rogan – Ocean Alliance

Virginia Busch – Endangered Wolf Center

David Wheeler – Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ

Roger Patterson – Bee Improvement & Breeders Association

Jacqueline Ramos – Great Ape Project

Shelby Serra – Pacific Whale Foundation

Paul Hetherington – Buglife

Read the full article here

Read more about World Wildlife Day in EN/United Nations website

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